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Music Instruction

Tina is on the saxophone faculty at the Vancouver Academy of Music in Vancouver, BC. 

At Phoenix Music Academy, lessons are offered for both saxophone and clarinet. Tina teachers a range of students of all ages from beginners to advanced levels. 

Personalized Lessons in:

  • aspiration to become total musicians

  • develop a personal sound 

  • learn different styles and genres of music

  • develop their technical & musical facility

  • specialized college/university music consulting services with music being a forefront

  • prepare for concerts, music exams (RCM) and music competitions & festivals

  • prepare for auditions (honor bands & university)

  • masterclass and performance opportunities 

"Everyone is capable of becoming great. Here at Phoenix Music Studio, we Teach students to Play Music to their fullest potential. Become the best version of yourself!"

Bowen Xiao, '23 alumni

Tina has supported me through the first seven years of my saxophone journey. Tina was patient and enthusiastic with us and worked us through all the difficult and challenging times. She strives to teach each student the best for them and is able to utilize her knowledge in the field of music to the fullest when doing so. She also pushes to better her own knowledge and technique to bring the best learning experience to her students. Tina encourages us to always try our best and earn the fruit of our labor through annual recitals and various performances and competitions. We were able to earn various awards, medals, and scholarships thanks to her hard work. We also gained valuable experiences during these performances and through the opportunities of playing in chambers and ensembles. I am very thankful to have begun my learning of saxophone with Tina; she is a welcoming and inspirational teacher. It was great pleasure and joy to learn from her.
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