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Lets work together!

Here are some special services I provide, and if you would like to work with me, send me a message at 
I am available to  lecture and/or teach in your school, present workshops, masterclasses or in a one-on-one capacity and much more. 

Music Business & Entrepreneur

  • Mentoring/Consulting/Coaching

  • Networking

  • Website Development

  • build your private music studio

Career Development & Mentorship

  • Resume development

  • Job Applications

  • Career Guidance

  • Biography 

Music Instructor

  • Masterclasses / Clinics

  • Recitals

  • Private Saxophone lessons

  • Saxophone camps

  • Lectures


  • Discover your dreams and long term goals

  • Implement strategies for increasing your reach and influence

  • Establish policies for for effective studio management that protect you and your business

  • Conquer fears and overcome obstacles that keep you back

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