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"Everyone is capable of becoming great. Here at Phoenix Music Academy, we teach students to Play Music to their fullest potential. Become the best version of yourself!" - Tina Wang

Phoenix, a symbol of renewal; the legendary bird that re-borns every 1400 years from its ashes after dying in a burst of flame. 

Music is never-ending or dying, it is seen, heard and enveloped in many different ways since the birth of the earth. It comes in many different forms, from the aural motet, baroque, classical, romantic, jazz into anything possible we hear now in the 21st century. By finding the common language of music, one can learn, experience and share their love of music through different music instruments. 


Phoenix Music Academy, founded in 2015, is a musical place where students are inspired and taught how to play and make beautiful music. The Studio’s aim is to instil excellence in music education as students learn and set a strong foundation in technique, musicianship, intonation as well as musicality. 




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