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I have experience as a saxophone clinician and have worked both privately and with music store education departments for many schools, band teachers and other music professionals throughout the lower mainland.

I enjoy teaching workshops to students of all ages and abilities. It is a rewarding experience as I share my love and passion of music wand being able to help them improve their playing in all aspects. With the right balance of enthusiasm, patience and understanding, any student can improve quickly and even boost their confidence. This helps student make a difference to the level of performance and participation in local and community band programs.  

I can provide general or technique-specific workshops to any group size or level of ability.The workshops listed below can be booked either individually or packaged, according to your section's needs:

Please let me know of your students' strengths and weaknesses, so I can tailor workshops specifically for them.

Perfect for revision, reviewing and reinforcement
Areas of technique covered are:
• Posture, hand and instrument positioning
• Basic Articulation and Breath Control
• Exploring the Registers
• Basic Instrument Care and Reed information

• Reed strength and instrument set-ups

Poor tone quality and sluggish (or non-existent) articulation are common problems with students of all ages but they can be easily remedied
• In depth analysis about what the diaphragm is and how to breathe correctly
• Explanation about the tongue’s function and how oral cavity positioning can change how one sound
• Exercises will be provided and practiced during the workshop
• Band music will be examined and specific passages worked on
This workshop is ideal for elementary and intermediate levels although can be adapted for senior and more advanced students​


This workshop is designed for more advanced students. Increasing awareness of tone production and intonation will be the focus along with ensemble-based exercises

• Discussions and demonstrations of embouchure and oral cavity changes

• Examination of general intonation of a clarinet and how to make adjustments

• Ensemble work using specific material, plus band music

• Working with (and without) a tuning machine through dynamic ranges in different registers

• Recommendations made to each students on equipment, reeds, etc.

The upper and extreme register notes are fairly daunting for young players. This workshop will help to extend their range and eliminate the anxiety of high tones.
• Balance issues will be corrected
• Fingerings will be explained and achieved with print material (and band music, if relevant)
• Reed strength and type is an important discussion in this workshop

Workshops can be booked Tuesday to Friday between 7.30am – 3.00pm. 
Workshops can be scheduled throughout the school year or in blocks.
Band camps and retreats which take place during weekends can also be accommodated
Please contact me for rates. 

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