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2016 updates

With the end of summer 2016, this post came a little late. A few big goal announcements my students achieved between June and August 2016:

1) Andy Duan (grade 6 student) achieved the school (Saint George's) Grade 6 Top band award and also appointed head boy for grade 7.

2) Steven Zhang (grade 11 student) won gold in the 16 year old woodwind category for Canadian Music Competition.

3) Steven Zhang also completed his ARCT performance saxophone exam over the summer with a whooping mark of 90! and received the BCRMTA Richmond branch highest ARCT woodwind medal.

4) Steven Zhang received the Riggs music scholarship for grade 11 students of St George's school. The scholarship is for excellence in the arts at St George’s School where he has been a member of the prestigious music ensemble member for four years.

So thankful to have such high achieving students! Proud of all of them! Looking forward to this new school year! 2016-17.

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