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2016/17 Season updates

2016/17 season has been quite a whirlwind of excitement for Phoenix Music Academy's students!

Dec 2016 - the GVY saxophone quartet members and a few students performed at the Aberdeen Centre Christmas concert

Jan 2017 - audition and registration preparation for 2017's Canadian Music Competition, Vancouver Kiwanis Music Competition as well as summer music camps, etc.

Students have been busy practicing and preparing for their busy April and summer months of music fun.

Accomplishments so far achieved by students:

1) As a BCRMTA - richmond branch member, students are given opportunity to achieve branch highest mark medals for their RCM exams at the end of each exam session.

two students who both achieved first class honours and higher obtained the branch highest mark medals in their RCM grade 4 & 10 exam.

2) National Youth Band audition results are in for 2017 season

Senior student has been selected as a saxophone member and will be playing both alto and soprano in this year's Vancouver chapter

3) Summer camp audition results are in for 2017

- Interlochen Summer Music Camp - Harry Xie has been selected as one of the saxophonist for the wind ensemble

- Tanglewood Summer music institute camp - harry Xie has been selected as one of the saxophonist for their camp and ensemble

4) One of the new students, Tina N. has auditioned and accepted into the Delta Richmond Senior Wind Ensemble.

5) Last announcement- the initial audition round for the 2017 Canadian Music Competition has ended and all students obtained good achievements!

GVY Saxophone Quartet - mark of 83 (2nd time competing at CMC) (14 year old) Charles Z - mark of 85 (1st competition ever and 1st time competing at CMC) (15 year old) david W - mark of 86 (1st time competing at CMC) (16 yr old) harry X - mark of 91 (selected for national round and will be heading to Quebec) Great work everyone! Keep up the great work as the Kiwanis festival is coming up next weekend!

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